At Isagenix we’re constantly looking for new ways to reward you for building your team and your business. As our motto says ‘If it’s not right for the Associates, it’s not right for the company’. That’s why we’ve created a new way for you to earn more money as you move through the recognition ranks, it’s called ‘New Money’!

We want to recognise you for every step you take to building your Isagenix business. We’ve introduced two new ranks, Manager and Director, which will give you the opportunity to be recognised on your journey and earn extra cash along the way. These ranks will be replacing our Star Consultant rank. Check your Back Office on Wednesday 24 October 2012* to find your rank in this new program.

What the ranks mean:

Manager – you have two active personally-enrolled Consultants** in your team.

Director – you have six active personally-enrolled Consultants** in your team.

Plus, you now have the added opportunity to earn extra cash with our Crystal promotion.

How to earn cash in the Crystal Competition:

1. Get two people to join Isagenix on Autoship with 100 BV or more. (You+Two) = You Become a Consultant!

2. NEW! Teach them how to do the same so they get two people each (Them+2 (two new Consultants**)) = You Become a Manager! Do it by November 22 or 30 days from the time you enrol and you’ll become a Crystal Manager!

3. NEW! Get a total of 6 personally-enrolled Consultants** = You Become a Director! Do it by January 21 or 90 days from the time that you enrol and you’ll become a Crystal Director!

4. Get a total of 10 personally-enrolled Consultants (5 on each side)** = You Become an Executive! Do it within your first six months and you’ll become a Crystal Executive!

But that’s not all!

If you would love to pocket some extra cash for Christmas then listen up. Starting October 22*… every time you develop a new personally-enrolled Consultant you earn $100, up to your first 10. This means you can earn up to $1000 for helping your team grow!
Whether you’re an Associate, Consultant, even an Executive we’re giving you a new opportunity to cash in.

Follow our ‘You+Two and Them+2’ system for success and reap the rewards. Promotion ends 4 August 2013 so start building your team today!

Flyer with details and FAQs

*All times and dates are based on New York Eastern Standard Time.
** All consultants must be on Autoship and active on the same day.