Running a successful Isagenix® business requires focusing on several important aspects of life. Work and social life, finance, health, study, relationships and personal development are key factors that contribute to achieving our goals. Consideration and creating the right balance is the difference between making and breaking your dreams!

On this week’s Platinum Call we’ll be hearing a recording from, 9 Star Platinum, 5 Star Executive, Carmen Rumsey and joining her will be Isagenix ANZ’s newest millionaires- 6 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive, Jacob and Mary Leaf. While their discussion will highlight the strategies that steered Jacob and Mary to success, they’ll also cover some interesting topics that will help others to achieve their dreams.

Please note: 20 minutes into the recording, the call cuts out for approximately 30 seconds. Ensure you stay on the line to hear the full conversation!

Join us at 8:00pm Monday 7 March 2016.