Not only is Susan Sly one of the highest income earners at Isagenix®, she’s also the recipient of the prestigious President’s Award, Global Ambassador Award and has been named Woman of the Year.  Susan has had staggering success in business, personal health and wellness and is recognised for being a, Best-Selling Author, Balanced Living Expert, Entrepreneur, Speaker and self-made Millionaire.

Featured in Forbes Magazine and appearing on Television and Radio Shows in the US, Canada and Australia, it’s no surprise Susan is renowned for her training and is a firm representation of success!

If you’re willing to master the skills and do what it takes to accomplish your goals, Susan’s training is the one for you! Susan’s experience and expertise will help you open doors to a prosperous future, allowing you to develop as an individual.

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Don’t miss Susan Sly to set yourself up for success and learn how to:

  • Build strong business building habits
  • Effectively take action and put these habits into practice
  • Set appointments, present the Isagenix opportunity, follow up and handle objections
  • Grow your belief
  • Fulfill your goals and ambitions

Get ready to motivate your mind- we can’t wait to see you there!