When Colin Huxtable’s aspirations of playing NRL were cut short by injury, he thought it would be a good idea to join the army. He served for four years before a horrific injury hindered his career yet again.

Colin was severely injured while preparing to deploy with Australia’s parachute battalion in 2011. Over the next six years, he underwent 15 surgeries to rebuild the left side of his body. Faced with a new life of chronic pain and self-pity, Colin became clinically depressed.

The birth of his daughter Willow in August 2018 should have been the happiest moment of his life. Instead, the former soldier felt empty.

“Holding her for a couple of minutes would cause my body to hurt,” says Colin. “I felt like I was looking after her out of responsibility, not love.”

There was only one thing that hurt more than Colin’s physical pain; not having a connection with Willow.

Something needed to change. When he was gifted a ticket by Jackson Baum to University in Action with David Wood, Colin’s life transformed.

“I cried for the first time in years, and I had this overwhelming that I needed to hug my daughter and tell her I loved,” he says. “I signed up with Isagenix® that night and started the IsaBody Challenge®.”

Colin now had a sense of purpose, building a connection with his daughter and getting in shape for his wedding. With his newly discovered motivation, Colin achieved incredible results. Even his health practitioners saw a remarkable change in his mindset!

“Now Willow and I have a really strong relationship, and I managed to get down to 110.8 kgs before the wedding two weeks ago.”

While he and his wife Virjilla enjoy the honeymoon of a lifetime in the United States (which included a visit to Global Celebration in Nashville!), he still has unfinished business when he returns home. Having managed consistent results across his two completed IsaBody Challenges so far, he knows that sticking to the Isagenix system will give him the best chance to succeed.

“I wouldn’t mind having some abs! Even in the army I never really managed to get a six-pack,” says Colin. “Becoming an IsaBody Finalist and making the 100 Pound Club would be amazing. I look forward to helping other people the same results as me.”