A World of Possibilities with the 100 Pound Club

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Discouraged and uncomfortable, Richard felt weighed down in mind, body and spirit. His every day struggles due to his weight were bringing down his confidence and he was desperate for a lifestyle change. See how Richard gained a new lease on life and joined the 100 Pound Club with the help of Isagenix.

Gaining Health, Confidence and Happiness with the 100 Pound Club

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For as long as Janelle Enlund can remember, taking control of her health had always been an area of struggle. Weighing over 100 kgs for the majority of her adult life, Janelle became accustomed to judgement from people around her, damaging her self-esteem and leaving the mother of two uninspired and unmotivated. Now part of the 100 Pound Club having released over 45 kgs, find out how this mother of two turned her health, and life, around with the help of Isagenix.

Making Dreams a Reality with the 100 Pound Club

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Before Isagenix, Andrew Stiver lacked confidence. A self-professed ‘couch-potato’, Andrew lived a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in health struggles that impacted significantly on his physical and mental wellbeing. Weighing in at 138 kgs, Andrew knew he needed to make a change. Discover how Andrew transformed his life and gained entry to the 100 Pound Club.
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