Celebration Live Streaming: 90-Day Game Plan – Leadership Panel with Kathy Coover

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We’ve saved the best for last in our National Celebration live streaming segments as Isagenix® co-founder and Executive Vice President Kathy Coover hosts the Strength in Momentum Leadership Panel. Joining Kathy, we have four of our top leaders on board to share their knowledge and insights at 3:30pm AEST, Sunday 8 March on Isagenixlive.com.

Celebration Live Streaming: 90-Day Game Plan – Get Your Products Paid For with Jen P. and Carmen R.

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We hope you’re feeling a part of National Celebration’s Strength in Momentum as we bring you live streaming segments from our top leaders! It’s time to get to the nuts and bolts of your 90-Day Game Plan with Jen P. and Carmen R. as they outline how to get your products paid for. Tune into IsagenixLive.com at 3:15pm AEST, Saturday 7 March.

Celebration Live Streaming: 90-Day Game Plan – Why do a 90-Day Game Plan with Heidi M.

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So what’s all the fuss about the 90-Day Game Plan? Well, we’re pretty excited about it and we’ve got 8 Star Platinum, 4 Star Executive Heidi M. here to explain why the 90-Day Game Plan is for you! Head to IsagenixLive.com at 10:20am AEST, Saturday 7 March and join us live from National Celebration.

Celebration Live Streaming: 90-Day Game Plan – Your ‘Why’ with Jennifer J.

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Start your weekend on a motivational note with one of Australia’s top speakers and Isagenix® top leader Jennifer J. It’s time to establish your ‘Why’ for your 90-Day Game Plan! Find out your ‘Why’ and let Jennifer J. guide you to discover how you can use it to get the most of out of your 90-Day Game Plan. Tune in to IsagenixLive.com at 9:15am Saturday 7 March AEST and work out your ‘Why’ today!
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