Many of you know about and love our new Isagenix® Opportunity Presentations! And why wouldn’t you! After all, these presentations enable you to share the Isagenix Opportunity with those who want to know what the Isagenix Experience is all about!

Sometimes however, you know someone who can’t always attend an Opportunity presentation but this shouldn’t mean they miss out! That’s why we’ve created a tool that your potential new Associate can plug into and hear all about why Isagenix is an opportunity for abundant health and financial freedom.

Do you know someone in a remote area? Maybe you know someone with family commitments that can only spare a small amount of time? Or perhaps you just know someone always on-the-go? Whoever they are, they can now hear all about Isagenix with our new weekly Opportunity Webinars.

Launching this Tuesday at 8:00pm AEDT (Sydney Time), get your potential Associates to hear from 4 Star and above Associates as they share what sets Isagenix apart from the rest.

Simply get them to register on the ‘Conference Calls’ tab on and tune in at 8:00pm! It’s as easy as that!

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