“If the sun can’t see you, it can’t warm you” – A beautiful quote from Annie’s mother is a perfect depiction of the way Annie approaches this business and her life in general. Spending just 10 minutes with her can leave you feeling empowered, inspired and determined for growth.

About Annie

Annie started her career in network marketing when she was a young mum just 25 years old. Her career spands 40 years as a professional Network Marketer, the last 10 with Isagenix, including 2 years in the corporate side.

Living in Sydney with her loving husband Warren, Annie has a blended family of 5 children and 3 grandchildren. Annie has been a high achiever in the industry and most recently was recognised as an Isagenix Millionaire.




What has Network Marketing done for you?

I caught the vision, got started and I’ve been paid every week for the entire 40 years and still going. Not only did I earn income – I built residual income that allowed me time off for family reasons yet I continued to get paid. Priceless. I didn’t have to pay for day care… ever. I don’t have to miss a sports day or a tuck shop roster! In short this profession has provided me with sick pay, holiday pay, maternity leave, bereavement leave, sick children leave, ageing parent leave, not feeling like doing anything leave and any other leave you can think of ! It’s allowed me to put my role as a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend FIRST. It’s not for everyone I understand that however for those that it is for it is, in my opinion it’s hands down the best business in the world.

How do you keep close to the fire?

Staying connected to the Isagenix community is everything. Without it we can get distracted by every day life and lose sight of our vision and sometimes our belief. Also being around people of like mind. I have a nucleus of people that I stay in close contact with as well as connecting on socials. But there’s nothing quite like being face to face. Feeling the energy of other positive people. Especially when I’m going through a flat period -that’s when I know I need to reach out and borrow someone else’s belief whilst your own is is not as strong as it should be.

How do you stay consistent in this business?

That’s an easy one. This profession is not like a job…. it’s who I am. It’s second nature to me. You keep failing forward and eventually it becomes natural, not even something I need to think about. When you stick at it long enough start to see the rewards, the residual income, the flexibility, the fun you have, the friendships you make …my closest friends are in this profession it’s very easy to do. 40 years so far! I also feel a responsibility to pay the gift of this beautiful profession forward, especially to women. I also want to do it right to help people see this profession in a different light. It’s no secret there is a stigma attached to the industry mainly because of the way people conduct themselves – I want to do my part to bring the profession the respect it deserves.

Why is it important to set an example in this industry?

People, your team in particular need someone, something to aspire to and I believe I owe it to them to set an example in all that I do. Being a product of the product, being reliable, doing what you said you would do, being supportive, meeting people where they’re at – timing is everything. Your team needs to feel your energy and passion in everything you do. Tough love when it’s necessary. All of that. I take my role quite seriously although I do like to make it fun.

What does it mean to be Platinum and what’s next?

Platinum means we have built an organisation where thousands of people have enjoyed better health and hundreds have better bank balances as well. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing with an even stronger focus on leadership development. Keeping the emphasis on personal development and on PEOPLE. You need to attract the right people to your team. All the skills, all the events, all the training is useless unless you have the right people to work with. And that’s all about YOUR energy. How do you conduct yourself in your personal and your business life. What sort of people are you attracting to you? Low energy attracts low energy. High energy attracts high energy people. And when they come it’s all about the environment you create. You want to create an environment people will want to be a part of. The more our people grow personally the more their business will grow. And the more their income will grow and that opens new doors for people and their families.

What’s your advice for others in this profession?

Make a decision to do it once and just keep moving – sometimes backwards sometimes forward. It’s never a straight line. Work on yourself consistently- do whatever you need to do to grow as you climb the ladder. Learn to manage your emotions and your state – be proactive, not reactive. Always have a beginner’s mind and be willing to learn. The world is changing at a fast pace and what made us successful this year will not be the same next year. Celebrate your successes but stay humble. Always make it about your customers and your team, not about you. Visualise it as already having happened and never stop believing. Don’t let others steal your dreams. There’s plenty of room at the top… and don’t ever think it can’t happen to you.