14-2095-isaSocialMediaEdition-twitter-500x500Social media is a great way to build yourself a large network of interested and engaged Isagenix team members. Whether you’re new to Isagenix or a seasoned business builder, social media is great tool for learning about the company, products and compensation plan. You probably already know how to use Facebook as a marketing tool for your business but Twitter can be a little intimidating if you’re not familiar with it.

One of the first things to learn about Twitter is that EVERY character counts! You only have 140 to play with, so it’s important to use them wisely. Let’s walk through some basics to get your Twitter profile set up, then talk about how to use this fast-paced social network to your advantage. We’ve also included this handy infographic of Twitter tips for your business that you can share with others on your team.

6 Steps to Getting Started

  • Sign Up: Go to Twitter.com and register for an account.
  • Your Name Says A Lot: When choosing a username, think about your image and how readily others will welcome you into their Twitter stream. Keep it short but personal. Choose a name that is close to your own rather than a brand or business name. Remember, your username will appear next to every tweet you send, so those characters will count toward your 140 when you’re retweeting and replying.
  • Who You Are: You’re allowed 160 characters in your Twitter bio. Use those characters to tell your story, be real, reveal your personality, and include keywords that describe who you are as a person. Twitter users utilise the search feature often, so be sure to choose key words that will lead others to you. Read your profile and ask yourself, would YOU want to engage with you?
  • A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Your profile image will appear next to all of your tweets, so use one that expresses you appropriately. The larger header profile at the top of your Twitter profile should be something unique that represents who you are or what you care about. You can use an inspiring quote that tells your story, or maybe create a collage of personal pictures where you’re enjoying outdoor activities, working out or enjoying the amazing Isa-lifestyle. You’re creating a personal brand for yourself within the Isagenix brand, so think: Happy, healthy, inspired, professional. Be sure to use the correct Twitter image sizes so they display correctly.
  • Privacy Settings: Determine whether you want others to be able to tag you in photos, if you want to include your location in tweets, and other important Twitter Security & Privacy Settings. Keep in mind that the stricter you make your settings, the less capable others are to interact with you.
  • Find & Follow: Twitter will make suggestions on who they think you should follow but the best way to find your niche market is to do your own search. Start by using the “Find Friends” option to search for people you already know, and then search popular subjects you are interested in. Follow others that are also following those subjects. Chances are they will return the follow!

Start Connecting


Once you’ve set up your account, your profile, and your privacy settings, you are ready to start connecting. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your Twitter experience.

Connect & Grow: When someone follows you, you should follow back, but be mindful that they are not fake accounts or spammers. At first, your friend to follower ratio will be off-balance, but your goal is to have more followers than those you are following, to show you are an authority in your field.

  • Get Busy Tweeting: Your posts on Twitter are called “tweets” and are simple to publish! Find the “What’s happening?” box toward the top of the screen and start typing. As you type, Twitter will tell you how many characters you have left. You’ll quickly learn to keep things short and make those 140 characters work for you!
  • Share & Be Engaging: You’ll gain and keep your Followers by sharing relevant information, opinions, ideas and thoughts that your network will find valuable and entertaining. Remember, you’ve built your network based on the topics you want to talk about, so speak to that audience! Show others you’re interested in what they have to say by following, replying, retweeting or favouriting their tweets. Make friends and build relationships!
  • Stay in Real Time: Twitter has a mobile app that allows you to do everything on your Twitter account right from your phone or tablet. It’s a great tool, so you can post tweets and interact with your followers wherever you are.
  • Keep it Personal: Keep your personal Isagenix business on the top of your network’s mind by being present, knowledgeable and available to answer questions and hold conversations. By engaging and sharing your knowledge and positive personality, you’ll quickly build credibility and trust. Your followers will come to rely on you for answers and for casual conversation about leading a healthy and inspired lifestyle!
  • Be Selfless: Social media is about building and nurturing relationships. It’s about sharing and connecting with people in meaningful, inspirational and fun ways. Aggressive selling can be a big turnoff on ANY social network, including Twitter. A good rule of thumb to use is to keep your ratio of tweets to 80% about others and 20% about you and your own business. It may seem like you’re not marketing enough but the idea is to build trust and interest, so your followers come to you for answers.

Learn and Share the Twitter Love

Need more Twitter tips? Be sure to follow Isagenix ANZ on Twitter! You’ll also love this handy infographic, so you can quickly refer back to it anytime you like. It’s chock full of information and a great tool to share with your Isagenix team and other social media connections!
Even better…We’ve recently updated the Associate Social Media Image Library, so you can share on your social networks!  Keep an eye on that library for new images as we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks!