Leadership Call with David Wood

180px-David-WoodWhether you attended David Wood’s events or listen to his podcasts, the learning’s and life lessons he teaches can take your Isagenix business from good to great!

This month, Associates and Top Isagenix Leaders share their key takeaways from University in Action and Top Achievers. Discover how you can use David’s proven system to transform your life and your business.

Dial in Monday 18 November 2013, 8pm (Sydney Time).

Maintaining Motivation in the IsaBody Challenge

IsaBody-Logo-WebWith the end of the IsaBody Challenge in sight, maintaining your motivation over the last few months is critical to success.
On this month’s IsaBody call, Top Leaders and IsaBody participants Suzanne Skillen and Anna Ogilvie will share tips on how they motivate themselves and their team through the challenge.

Dial in and get ideas for staying on track through the festive season. We’ll also open up the call at the end to give you a chance to ask questions.

Dial in Tuesday 19 November 2013, 1pm (Sydney Time).

Details on ANZ.IsaFYI.com