Money AU 8735371 MedOur Associates are earning more and more each month with the incredible bonuses up for grabs with the Executive Leadership Bonus Pool.

Here’s what our October winners had to say about pocketing the extra cash…

“We are so grateful to earn money in the bonus pool. This money allows us to help others get started and offer rewards and incentives to people who are helping others achieve better health and wealth. It’s a win-win!” Jen & Jono P., 7 Star Golden Circle, 7 Star Crystal Executive
“The Executive Bonus Pool has been absolutely incredible! It has meant a new cubby house for the kids (from Santa) and its the one I always dreamed of getting them. We didnt have to be wary of cost! What an amazing feeling! It’s also paying for Richie and the kids to join me in Bali for the IsaDerby trip in January! Im getting so excited. The bonus pool is giving us the freedom to live the way we want, when we want. Thank you Isagenix!” Sandy G., 3 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive
“The bonus pools blow my mind. I am in AWE of this company. It just gets better and better! This week I’m having a BIG lot of dental work done which is definitely not cheap and not covered by health insurance. That’s what this is paying for. It’s so wonderful knowing I can do everything I need to do without worrying and live exactly how I want with no restrictions thanks to Isagenix. This money is the icing on what’s already the most delicious cake ever. This extra money funds my travel, investing in a big end of year team party and spoiling my family at Christmas. How does it get any better?” Peta K. & Star Golden Circle, 7 Star Crystal Executive
“We were actually in shock when we saw we were getting the bonus again this month and how much we recieved. The fact this is ‘on top of’ money as a bonus still blows our mind completely. It is incredible to be able to plan for our financial future now with our residual income but also have these amazingly generous bonuses on top of that. Blessed, grateful and humbled is all we can say.” Anna O. & Morgan R., 4 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive