Here in the Isagenix UK head office, we want to ensure you have all the information and tools you need to launch your Isagenix business on 15th May. That’s why we are putting on regular training sessions, just for you!

We recommend attending or dialling into as many of these sessions as you can, and ensuring your downlines and teams do the same.

Heather Atkinson on the Isagenix Compensation Plan

On 4th May at 3:30pm (UK time), our European Sales Director Kevin Denham will be hosting a Zoom call with one of the global Top Leaders, Heather Atkinson! To learn about the compensation plan from an Associate’s perspective and hear Heather’s story, dial in via Zoom using the following link: (This will be recorded.)

Heather is an Isagenix Millionaire*, 8-Star Platinum, 1-Star Executive! Prior to getting started with Isagenix, Heather was working as a trainer, sports coach and competitive athlete in Australia. Though she was working and training hard, and helping others do the same, she wasn’t supporting her body with proper nutrition and was struggling to make ends meet. After trying Isagenix products and learning more about the company, she decided to partner with Isagenix and begin building the life she had always wanted. Now, Heather is an Isagenix Millionaire and a leader in the company having built a strong team dedicated to helping others realise their goals.

Compensation Plan 101 & Associate Back Office

rashida-221x285Everything you need to know about the Compensation Plan explained clearly and in a way that is easy to understand! Our Compensation Plan guru Rashida Wiley (Sales Operations Manager, Isagenix) will host two Zoom sessions explaining the same information each time, so try to dial into at least one if you can.

Rashida will also be hosting two step-by-step sessions on the Associate Back Office. These training calls will include how to navigate the site, where to find key reports and other key ABO information.

Rashida started working at Isagenix World Headquarters almost 15 years ago managing the Commissions and Returns teams in Customer Care. Fast-forward thirteen successful years and Rashida has moved from Customer Care to IT and finally onto Sales where she currently serves as Sales Operations Manager. Rashida is widely known as the go-to person on the Compensation Plan and sales promotions. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with anyone who asks and loves being part of the Isagenix team!

We asked Rashida why the Compensation Plan training sessions are not to be missed, and according to Rashida, you should dial in to the call in order to:

  1. Become familiar with the key terminology used within the Compensation Plan
  2. Gain a better understanding of how a binary plan works
  3. Find out how and when commissions are paid
  4. Learn the multiple ways to earn income
  5. Learn all about our ranks and how to advance through them

Opportunity Meetings

Want to know more about the company and business, and see an Opportunity Meeting in action? Bring your friends, family and team along! Topics that will be covered include an introduction to Isagenix, the Compensation Plan, product solutions and how to get started in the UK. These events are organised by Isagenix and led by top leaders in the field, and tickets are on sale now for just £5 each. We will be confirming which leaders will be speaking at each event soon!

Tuesday 23rd May – Belfast – 7-9:30pm

Tuesday 30th May – Isagenix Europe Head Office, London – 6:30–7:30pm and 8-9pm

Tuesday 6th June – Cardiff – 7-9:30pm

Tuesday 13th June – Isagenix Europe Head Office, London – 6:30–7:30pm and 8-9pm

Tuesday 20th June – Edinburgh – 7-9:30pm

These training sessions are  there to help you launch your business and find success, so share the links with your downline and take advantage of the knowledge being shared by attending as many as you can! We look forward to seeing you all on the calls and in person.