The Isagenix IT team is committed to ensuring that your data and Retail Websites remain secure at all times and they are always looking for new ways to improve security.

Soon, the URL structure for the Retail Websites will be changing a bit to incorporate added security. Please note that if you have a personal Websites that links to your Isagenix Website, you may need to adjust the link. Rather than including your member ID number in the URL, it will now be replaced with a long string of unique numbers and letters that our system will connect with your account instead.

Here is what we changed:

Anywhere that your member ID number was used in the page URL has been replaced with what is called a GUID — a long string of numbers and letters that tells the system which member the website is for.

For example, when someone clicks to “Sign Up and Save,” if the URL used to be:


The new URL will be:


We have highlighted the part of the URL that has changed. We encourage you to work with the person who designed your personal Website and update that particular link to ensure that you are pointing to the appropriate new URLs for your Associate Replicated Website. We will support the old links for an interim period to ensure that there is no interruption.

If your own personal Website simply redirects to your Isagenix Website, or if you have a link that points to your Isagenix Website home URL (for example, then you will not be affected. This will only affect you if you have links that contain your member ID# as described above.

We will be communicating this change with members for several weeks, but encourage you to make any necessary changes now to ensure that you are not impacted by this update. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!