Your personal e-mail inbox is about to do a happy dance (and so will you!).

We’ve just launched IsaMail, your very own personal message centre located directly in your Back Office. Whether you want to hear the latest on upcoming Isagenix events and products or get account-specific information, all of it will be delivered straight to your “IsaMail” inbox in your Back Office.

Simply log in to your Back Office, select the “IsaMail” tab in the top right part of your screen and see if you have any messages waiting. If you have a message, you’ll also notice an alert on the left side of your page, which can link you to your inbox as well.

This new message centre will not only keep your info in one place, but you also won’t have to worry about your messages being blocked or tossed into your junk folder by your e-mail provider.

To keep things neat and organised, you’ll also notice when you log in to your Back Office that the “Library” section has moved under the “Tools” tab and your “Reports” have moved under the “My Team” tab. Same information, just a new location.

Want more? Here’s a quick flyer with even more details on IsaMail. Take a quick minute, log in to your Back Office and check it out today!