It’s hard to top the motivation, excitement and optimism you feel when first deciding to make a healthy change. Everything seems so much easier in the first fortnight while exercising and nourishing nutrition is the new and fresh thing to do.

Why not make the most of this indestructible motivation? I mean, it makes sense to give healthy change a serious go when you’re most excited.

This is where Isagenix® has your back! When we gave our ANZ 30-Day Challengers for 2019 the option to complete a ‘fast start’, we were met with a surprising amount of interest and intrigue.

What exactly is an Isagenix Fast Start? Simply put, a fast start is an 11-day program that consists of:

This combination of shake and double Cleanse Days is a sure-fire way to kick start (or makeup time…) on your health goals for the summer months ahead.

Like all aspects of health, the most important thing to remember is not to take any shortcuts. So, stick to your two shakes on a Shake day, and try your best not to cave into temptation during your intermittent fast.

Make the most of your motivation with a fast start. Don’t forget to take your measurements and your photos to assess your success!