Congratulations on your journey so far with the 90-Day Action Plan! We’re 30 days in and by now, you’ll be well on your way to creating solid, new habits and seeing changes in your business.

So, don’t lose momentum now! Take these tips and power through the next 30 days and beyond…

Remember and renew your vision
Check back to the first few pages of your 90-Day Action Plan workbook that you filled out during ‘Prep Week’. What did you write as your vision? It motivated you at the beginning, so use it to refuel your action plan. No matter where you’re up to, it’s important that you keep going!

Leverage Celebration 2018 On Demand
Celebration 2018 was filled to the brim with world-class business training designed to help transform the way you approach business building. Get your 90-Day Action Plan inspiration by tuning in to Celebration 2018 at until 4 July 2018. For those who attended Celebration 2018, you’ll enjoy On Demand FREE. Those who didn’t attend can enjoy the same content for just $99.

Check out the Business Zoom Calls with top leaders
From connecting and developing leaders, through to how to utilise the tools on offer and blitz your way through Blitz Week, you’ll receive training from leaders who have elevated their business through the 90-Day Action Plan. Head to the Isagenix Business ANZ Facebook group to check them out.

Learn and use the tools
At Isagenix, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you to succeed by building tools for just about everything you do.

Learn and use different communication methods such as three-way calls, ensure you can explain You Share, They Share, Repeat and most importantly, teach your team the importance of doing the same!

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