Many of us hold back from starting anything new because it’s NEW to us. We are not aware of the outcome or what to expect. As many of us know over time we find the solution to starting something new either by a friend that has experienced it or we read about it somewhere from someone who has also has experienced that one thing that is new for us.

Think of your Warm prospect list, what information/experiences can you share with them to get them committed?

This week we challenge you to reach out to everyone on your warm prospect list and connect with what is preventing them from getting started.


  1. Schedule time this week to actually reach out to every single person on your Warm Prospect List. What is holding them back?
  2. Help them overcome their objections by holding 3-Way Calls with your leader or other team members and answer any questions that can help them determine if they are ready.
  3. Show them the IsaBody Challenge® results and stories and encourage them to START the IsaBody Challenge.