It’s crunch time! In three weeks you will complete this 90-Day Action Plan. Regardless of how far you’ve grown your business, be proud of the growth you’ve accomplished! You have been able to get out of your comfort zone, share products with others to positively impact their health and show how they can earn income. Let’s make these last three weeks the best of your 90-day program!

What did you learn from your team last week? Were you able to share any past experiences to help them grow? Have you helped answer customer’s questions about Isagenix to help make their decision easier?

Tackling Objections
Let’s revisit Chris Harder’s training from US NYKO 2017. Are you noticing a lot of the same objections when you share Isagenix?

A lot of the time, if you’re getting the same kind of objection again and again, it’s not necessarily where they are.  A lot of times it has to do with where you are. If you see a pattern, take a good look in the mirror and say:

What is it that I’m afraid of?

What is it that I’m projecting that is bringing me the same objections again and again?

Because once you realise it, acknowledge it and own it and then work your tail off to get over whatever that concern or that fear is, you can become a 10/10.”

We encourage you to welcome objections because they reveal what information your contact needs you to address in order to overcome their concerns.


  1. Follow up with at least 10 people this week and help get them started
  2. Share stories and results from IsaBody on social media
  3. Welcome objections and follow up with their concerns. You’ve got this!