Team Isagenix Athlete and Olympian, Danielle Kettlewell, has achieved boundless success in her sport over the years. You’d be fooled in believing it was a straight and narrow path to success for Danielle but her journey to Olympian was actually a bumpy ride, filled with doubts and setbacks.

Danielle’s career began at age 8, with the Canadian native unwillingly participating in synchronised swimming at the request of her parents. “My parents are Aussies through and through and spent a lot of their time in Bondi when they were younger,” explains Danielle. “They were always active and wanted me to share that lifestyle. I thought synchronised swimming was bizarre at first!”

Despite growing to love the sport over the years, Danielle felt mounting pressure to succeed. With the fear of failure driving her, Danielle retired from the sport at age 17 to focus on her education. “After retiring from the sport, I kept eating like an athlete even though I wasn’t training like one anymore,” says Danielle. “I struggled with nutrition and began to gain weight. It affected my self-esteem and confidence in a big way.”

With the goal of getting her health and confidence back on track, Danielle tried various meal plans and programs to help her lose the excess weight. “I was becoming frustrated as I wasn’t receiving the results I wanted,” admits Danielle. “I was ready to give up and accept that this was now my life.”

Reaching out to her ex coach, 2 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive, Danielle Hahn, for advice, Danielle was introduced to Isagenix®. “She was doing this ‘cleanse thing’ and experiencing great results,” says Danielle. “I had tried so many other weight-loss programs before so I figured I had nothing to lose by trying another one.”

Within the first 30 days of using the Isagenix system, Danielle was able to release 8 kilograms of excess weight but that wasn’t the only change she felt. “I’d wake up feeling rested and excited for the day ahead,” shares Danielle. “I gained back my energy and positivity and felt amazing.”

With her increased energy, Danielle reignited her love of synchronised swimming by taking up the sport recreationally. It wasn’t long before people began to notice her performance, strength and love for the sport. “I was approached by the assistant coach of the Australian synchronised swimming team asking if I would be interested in trying out for the team in hopes of qualifying for the Olympic Games,” says Danielle. “It was the opportunity of a lifetime however I had recently suffered a serious concussion that resulted in me dropping out of University and in serious recovery mode. My fitness wasn’t at its peak but I was determined.”

After packing up her life in Canada and moving to Perth, the dual-citizenship holder qualified for the team and made it through to the Olympic Games in Rio, with Isagenix products fuelling her every step of the way. “Leading up to the Olympics, the Isagenix products definitely gave me an edge over the competitors,” says Danielle. “I woke up every morning excited to drink my IsaLean™ Shake and fuel my body with all the essential nutrients the shake provides.”

Now training for the FINA World Championship in Budapest in July, Danielle’s future is looking brighter than ever. “My sporting career truly wouldn’t exist today without Isagenix. Without these amazing products and the support provided by my fellow Team Isagenix Athletes, I wouldn’t have been able to launch my life back into health, regain my confidence and jumpstart my career again.”