90-Day Action Plan: Recognise and Celebrate

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Whether or not you or your team members reach all of your goals at the conclusion of this 90-Day Action Plan, your effort, time, energy, hard work and commitment are certainly worthy of more than a little recognition. Finish this week strong and make sure you connect with everyone you can to hit your goal and commit to finishing this 90 days STRONG!

90-Day Action Plan: Sharing and Following Up

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It’s crunch time! In three weeks you will complete this 90-Day Action Plan. Regardless of how far you’ve grown your business, be proud of the growth you’ve accomplished! You have been able to get out of your comfort zone, share products with others to positively impact their health and show how they can earn income. Let’s make these last three weeks the best of your 90-day program!

90-Day Action Plan: Get New Members Started and Recognise Your Team

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Excellent work these past seven weeks getting out of your comfort zone, creating excitement around Isagenix and helping people transition to a healthy lifestyle! Real growth is about constant improvement, so take a moment to reflect on how you can use your experience to help others get started in the best way.
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