Are you taking advantage of the #90DayGP? The majority of Isagenix Top Income Earners and Isagenix® Millionaires know just how important it is to be focused and attaining the goals you wish to achieve through using this fundamental tool.

If you could reach one ultimate goal at the end of these vision driven 90 days, what would your success be? If you haven’t yet discovered your ‘why’ then now is the perfect time to do so!

We’ve been checking in with our Associates to see what the key is to their latest success and this week’s topic focuses on the effectiveness of our annual event, Celebration.

Consultants, Rico Gear and Bec Miles, highlight the importance of attending this incredible event and discuss the benefits they found from plugging in and connecting at this year’s Celebration ‘Breakthrough’ held in the heart of Brisbane, QLD in March.

“We reached 3 Star on the Monday straight after Celebration and it was something we were so proud of!” says Bec. The event gave them so much motivation that they moved on to find success sooner than they thought possible.

“We took massive action during Celebration, Rico and I were on our phones having conversations and having following ups with our prospects. We were not waiting until ‘next week’ to get into action,” they say.

Their words highlight the powerfulness of attending Isagenix events. With business training, connecting with others and opening your mind to endless possibilities, the Isagenix corporate run events are one of the fundamental tools and factors that help create success business builders are seeking.

“We have also been so lucky to have such good support from 8 Star Platinum, 6 Star Crystal Executive, Jackson Parr – but most importantly – we have such an amazing team who all work so hard, always attend events and go that extra mile!”

One Team is the driving force behind the Isagenix vision. We believe that when helping others and collaborating with team members – that’s when the real magic happens. Rico and Bec are prime examples of genuine teamwork and because of this, their team grows further each day.

Rico Gear and Bec Miles’ top tips for creating success:

•    IsaDerby is the driving force behind success – it keeps everyone motivated and accountable

•    Facebook chats and weekly Zoom calls are such an effective way to bring the team culture together

So whatever your goals may be, the 90-Day Game Plan is here to support you on your journey. Whether you want to grow as a leader, build your Isagenix business, improve your health or just find new insights through connecting with others, Isagenix is the place where all of this happens and so much more!