Rachel Pedretti – 3 Star Golden Circle, Crystal ExecutiveRachel-Pedretti

Before I took the leap and joined the race for a luxury all-expenses-paid 5-Star trip to Cambodia, I didn’t even know what IsaDerby was! I had spoken to top leaders at IsaUni Perth earlier this year and they had shared some insights with me, but it wasn’t until I started and experienced the IsaDerby race first hand that I understood what it is all about.  

Teamwork is everything. We are enrolling and rank advancing our team weekly and making sure we are consistent in our efforts. I’m running with those who want to give it everything they’ve got and as a result my business and the businesses of those in my team have grown so much!

One way to stay connected has been through a group Facebook page. We motivate and inspire each other by constantly reminding ourselves of the life-changing experience on offer.

And how are we going? We are one of the top performing teams! I am so proud of myself and my team. Hard work really does pay off and I already have new members asking me about being involved in the next race!