If you thought you’d missed out on tickets to Summer Kick Off and UIA Brisbane, we’ve got some exciting news for you! It’s just been confirmed that we have released another 300 Summer Kick Off General Session tickets and 200 UIA Brisbane tickets! HOW GOOD IS THAT? Be sure to get your hands on them as they WILL sell out again soon. Head to ANZ.IsagenixEvents.com to grab your tickets before it’s too late.


Why attend an Isagenix Corporate Event?

If you ask any Isagenix leader, they’ll tell you the best way to build your Isagenix business is by attending corporate events. Here are just a few key reason why Isagenix events are so important…

Business development
Training with some of the world’s renowned top leaders in Isagenix business – prepare to engage in the best business building skills available. Isagenix Millionaires, 11 Star Platinum, 13 Star Crystal Executive Emily and Hayden V. are set to wow the stage at Summer Kick Off with their incredible business knowledge this October – you won’t want to miss it!

Expand product knowledge
All ANZ events help expand knowledge on the use of current products. General Session allows you to gain a tremendous understanding of how and why our no-compromise Isagenix programs provide the best possible results. Got a question about Cleansing or a particular product ingredient? You can get all the answers at Isagenix Corporate Events.

Connect with like-minded individuals
Attending Isagenix Corporate Events is the best way to build a network of connections with other business building enthusiasts. There’s always potential to grow from meeting new people!

Engage in personal development
Each event hosted by Isagenix ANZ creates a fun, energetic environment, that will open your mind and have you leaving with confidence, belief and motivation to succeed.

Be recognised for your success
We are passionate about recognising people for their mind blowing achievements. From weight loss accomplishments to business building success, whatever you’re proud of, we’re proud of too. Round 2 IsaBody Challenge Finalists will be announced on stage at our amazing Summer Kick Off event this October. So get on board and buy your tickets – you could be hitting the stage next to tell us about your incredible Isagenix journey.

Have fun
We ensure that each and every event is jam-packed with fun and laughter as well as learning. Whether it’s the incredible energy of our smaller events or our amazing parties at SKO or Celebration, you’ll leave wishing it didn’t have to end! Our SOLD OUT ‘Spooktacular’ party is no exception. If you’re lucky enough to have got your hands on a ticket, it’s time to get excited; we’ve got some amazing surprises in store!

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