Celebration is your chance to see US 2015 Spirit of Isagenix® Award Winners, Allan and Lari Hilzinger share their exemplary business building knowledge.

Formerly working in the Sports Management and Coaching field, Allan has spent much of his time as an Elite Level Basketball Coach and was the CEO of Gold Coast Basketball for 4 years!

Lari spent 10 years in Japan where she worked as an Executive and Head of Human Resources. Working for some of the world’s biggest multinational corporations has also played a huge part in contributing to the Extensive Business and International Corporate Training background she has.

Allan and Lari have been married for over 13 years and have two beautiful daughters Verona, aged 8, now famously known as ‘the girl who did the compensation plan at Celebration’ and Hollie, aged 6.

This passion-driven couple run a successful Isagenix business together and love nothing more than helping others achieve quality health and financial freedom. Allan and Lari have created a valuable personal brand and network because of their expertise, and credit building a sustainable business, to the focus and effort they have put into growing their online presence.

Attend Allan and Lari’s ‘Breakout Class’ as they share their expertise on how you can create a Social Media presence and learn:

•             How to successfully use Social Media to create curiosity

•             How to make new connections

•             How to provide training for your team and keep them plugged in

•             How Social Media is a great platform for recognition and inspiration

Join this amazing couple to see why you should include Social Media in your growth strategy!