Last week we announced that we have an additional 10 Special Wildcard Spots up for grabs and it could be you jetting of to US Celebration in Las Vegas on the trip-of-a-lifetime.

You’ve been working hard and we couldn’t be more excited to reward you. We’re taking the Top 2 point earners outside the winning IsaDerby teams. Click here to see if it’s YOU on the IsaDerby Wildcard Leader Board!

The winning teams are based on ranks at the start of the competition for:

  • Associates
  • Consultants
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Executives

And it doesn’t stop there! We know you deserve the ultimate special treatment which is why the top 8 individual point earners from the top 10 winning IsaDerby teams will qualify for ‘Indulgence’. The ‘Indulgence’ winners will be flying out to Las Vegas 2 days earlier for an unforgettable experience! So get ready to pack your bags because the finish line is almost here and it could be you winning the trip-of-a-lifetime.

*Individual points will not be capped towards Indulgence Pass and the Special Wildcard spots. To qualify for either Indulgence Pass or Special Wildcard, the individual must meet their minimum point qualification.