Crystal Challenge buttonAt Isagenix®, we love to challenge and encourage you, our Associates, to reach your goals.

We hold two Crystal Challenges each year to give you the chance to achieve the prestigious recognition rank of Crystal Executive!*

If you’re up for the challenge, you are now more than halfway there!

The second Crystal Challenge of 2015 commenced on Wednesday 1 July and will come to a close on Thursday 31 December. How are you tracking? What do you need to reach your goals? Plug into the 90-Day Game Plan to help set your plan!

If you didn’t qualify in your first six months as an Isagenix® Associate, your path to achieving a greater level of success has become crystal clear!

Tips on reaching Crystal Executive

  • Get an accountability partner
  • Use your 90-Day Game Plan and IsaDerby Hawaii point accumulations to help structure and provide the tools for you to achieve Crystal Executive
  • Set small achievable goals centred around new enrolments and Consultant development
  • Review your contact list and start with those who want to achieve Consultant
  • Never give up!

There’s still plenty of time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Fire up your team and help as many team members advance in rank as possible!

Check out the flyer here to find out how the Crystal Challenge can work for you*.

Congratulations to all those who have achieved the rank and we wish all those that are close the best of luck!

* Please note that Associates who have been with Isagenix longer than six months and are participating in the Crystal Challenge will not receive a Rank Advancement Bonus once they reach the rank of Crystal Executive.