150px-Celebrate-90DGP-successWrapping up the 90-Day Game Plan recently, we saw some great achievements in the field! Ian Pomfret, 1 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive shares how he used this business blueprint as a foundation to setting and achieving his goals over the 90 day period.

We also hear inspiring words from Bev and Simon Parker, Crystal Executive!

Road map shows the way to success

Ian Pomfret joined Isagenix® just over a year ago and maintained the rank of Consultant. After attending National Celebration in March, Ian committed to the 90-Day Game Plan. Fast forward to today and you can see the results – Ian not only hit his goal of reaching Executive, he qualified to attend IsaDerby San Diego in one of the top teams!

“Using the 90-Day Game Plan gave me a road map to follow and achieve my goal of reaching Crystal Executive,” says Ian, who also reached 1 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive through the Crystal Reset promotion. “It’s great that Isagenix offers the Crystal Reset – it really motivated me to reach my goal.”


Ian and his team at IsaUni Adelaide

“Following the steps set out in the game plan gave me the opportunity and motivation to hit all of my daily, weekly and monthly goals,” shares Ian. “One of my main targets was to be consistent and complete the plan. Part of this included ensuring I made a minimum of 3 new connects, 3 follow-ups and 3 team calls per day.”

Ian learnt the value of setting goals and breaking them down into small steps. “This made it so much more manageable and allowed me to complete the 90 days with momentum,” says Ian. “I also listened to 90-Day Game Plan conference calls and shared them with my team via the Isagenix ANZ SoundCloud account. They were a true inspiration and great helping guide!”

“It’s amazing to work with a company like Isagenix that gives us all the tools we need to be successful! Having completed the 90-Day Game Plan, I know that one of the biggest keys is staying consistent and finishing strong.”


Ian Pomfret and Allan Hilzinger

Ian was introduced to Isagenix by good friends Allan and Lari Hilzinger, 7 Star Golden Circle, 8 Star Crystal Executive, who have been nominated for the prestigious Spirit of Isagenix Award to be announced at U.S. National Celebration!

“Allan and Lari have helped me in so many ways and are the most deserving couple,” says Ian. “They always give, give, give without any expectation of anything in return.”

As the only representatives from Australia and New Zealand, Allan and Lari need your vote to win! Help them bring the award home by voting here!

Business plan beginners on the right path


Bev and Simon Parker

Bev and Simon Parker, Crystal Executive, joined Isagenix in March this year and plugged straight into the 90-Day Game Plan. “We have had unbelievable results from using the 90-Day Game Plan,” shares Bev.

“What an amazing system! We ran on the tracks that it provided and we are now Crystal Executives! We support our growing team with the tools we learnt over the 90 days. We also qualified in the IsaDerby San Diego Trip, winning one of the Top 10 Indulgence Passes!”

Bev and Simon’s achievements show the value in using tools like the 90-Day Game Plan to grow your business. They’ve established a solid foundation to keep building on well into the future. “Thank you Isagenix for providing us with a simple, duplicable system that has allowed us to start our business in such a strong way!”

Did you complete the 90-Day Game Plan or know someone who did? Send your success stories to CommunicationsANZ@Isagenixcorp.com and keep an eye on ANZ.IsaFYI!