events101-IsaFYI-600x400Our events are tailored to hit on the foundations for your success: personal development, professional development, product training and business building.

To make the most of them, you need to set yourself up for success! Follow these tips when attending an Isagenix event:

Step 1: Get your tickets!

You can’t go to an event if you don’t have a ticket! As Isagenix grows, our events have been filling up and selling out faster than ever. Go to your Back Office to get your ticket before you make any other arrangements. If you’ve purchased tickets for others, you will need to assign those tickets to them before the event. Online ticket transfers are the simplest way to share your extra tickets. Ticket transfers generally close one week prior to the event. If you have tickets you need to transfer after that, you must visit our registration team when you arrive at the event.

Step 2: Plan your travel and accommodation

Before you scour the Internet looking for a deal on a hotel room, stop by and click on the Events tab. This is where we share information about our event host hotel, reserved room blocks with special rates, and local airport and ground transportation information. Before you book, be sure you’ve got a ticket to attend the event!

Step 3: Prepare to be present

Our events are powerful, but you won’t get much out of them if you’re in the hallway answering emails and making phone calls. Give yourself permission to be present and participate! Change your voicemail to let people know you won’t be answering or returning calls until the event is over, and then offer them an option to get a hold of you in an emergency. Apply the same treatment to your email by using an Auto Responder or Out of Office message. You’ll be free to focus on learning, networking, and experiencing the Isagenix culture.

Step 4: Prepare to be productive

What will you need to make the most of your time at the event? Bring a notebook and working pens. Bring a bag big enough to comfortably carry your notebook, any handouts, and your water bottle so you can use breaks to visit our partners or just mingle with other Associates. If you’d rather not spend your time and money on eating out, bring some IsaLean Bars and IsaDelight Plus or any of your other favourite Isagenix products along – or visit the Singles Bar at the event!

Step 5: Help us help you

After every event we contact attendees and ask them to share their feedback with us. We are constantly working to provide you with the most effective and enjoyable event experience, so please be sure to respond to us via survey or email to tell us what you liked and where you think we can improve.

Bonus: Help your team grow!

Nothing builds belief in Isagenix like our extraordinary culture. That’s why getting your new and developing team members to events is a must! National Celebration, IsaUni, University in Action and START events help you build the foundation of a successful business. Each event is designed to give you the training you need to grow your business, build belief in the industry, become a leader in the field, and build belief in yourself. These are the events to attend every year to stay motivated and in the know on new industry tools, methods, and products. For all the event information you need to succeed, visit and check the Events tab.

Visit for upcoming events in 2015!

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