frenchRiviera-IsaFYI-500x500-150x150At US 2015 ‘Breakthrough’ Celebration, Isagenix® Co-Founder Jim Coover announced that due to unforeseen fluctuations in the global currency exchange rates, we are making a few updates to the Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge.

As per our motto, ‘If it’s not right for the Associates, it’s not right for the company’, we have made these adjustments to the existing qualifications to ensure you that your accomplishments do not go unrecognised.

Here’s how to qualify

According to our original qualifications, any Isagenix business builder is eligible to celebrate our success in the French Riviera by growing your business as follows:

  • Hit or break through your personal target by increasing your previous 12 months’ earnings based on your earning bracket.** If your 2014 Isagenix annual earnings were:
    • $0–$50,000: you must increase Isagenix annual earnings by $150,000
    • $50,001–$200,000: you must increase Isagenix annual earnings by $175,000
    • $200,001+: you must increase Isagenix annual earnings by $200,000. You can find your specific goal in your Back Office ‘Contests & Promotions’ tab

Additionally, the company must hit a minimum of $1 billion to reach our Billion & Beyond mark. Here are some updates to how you can reach the French Riviera:

  • If Isagenix meets the original goal and you increase your business income by the above-stated amounts, the trip is on.
  • If you hit your business goals and Isagenix reaches a minimum of $1 billion this year, the trip is on. In this case, rather than providing a business class airfare, we will be giving an airfare allowance of US$5,000 per business centre.
  • If we hit our goal of at least $1 billion and you come within $25,000 of your personal income target, the trip is on. However, in this case, the airfare is your responsibility.

Almost all of your Isagenix income – including Cycles, Holiday Bonus Pool, PIBs, retail direct profits, Leadership Pool earnings, double PIBs and executive matching bonuses – is applied to your personal sales target. You can view your personal target and your Billion & Beyond status in your Associate Back Office under ‘Contests & Promotions’ – we’ll display your target in weekly increments.

Who wants to go to the French Riviera? Let’s continue to transform lives and reach our goals together!

Learn more about the Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge and how you can meet your target. Jump-start your success by joining our 90-Day Game Plan beginning Monday 31 August, 2015.

*Please note that in order to receive an invitation to the trip and have your airfare paid for, you must meet the individual goal set in your Back Office ‘Contests & Promotions’ section and Isagenix must earn $1 billion or more in annual sales in the period between 5 January, 2015 and 3 January, 2016. Earnings toward contest begin Monday 5 January, 2015 with commission payments occurring Monday 12 January, 2015. Trip cannot be transferred or refunded. Those who qualified and cannot attend will not receive a cash equivalent.

**Previous 52-week earnings benchmark for the Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge are calculated based on cumulative earnings from 6 January, 2014 – 4 January, 2015. These earnings include team bonuses, Executive Leadership Pools (excluding December 2015), Holiday Bonus Pool, PIBs, Double PIBs, Rank Advancement Bonuses, retail direct profits and Executive Matching Bonuses. Value from incentive trips (Top Achievers, or President’s Quest) and winnings from the IsaBody Challenge® are not included in annual earnings. Earnings are per business centre. Spouse business centres will not be combined. Total value of the trip of a lifetime is taxable. This promotion is open to all global markets.