720-px-Breakthrough-onlyWe are pumped to announce the Breakthrough Tour is coming to a city near you!

Join Erik Coover, Vice President of Global Field Development and Peta Kelly, Isagenix® Millionaire, START Ambassador and 10 Star Platinum, 10 Star Crystal Executive as they share the ultimate training to get you and your growing team into massive action!

This exclusive event is not designed to train current Associates. Erik and Peta have designed their presentation to inspire Guests to embrace the Isagenix Opportunity.

So make the most of it by ensuring you arrive with your maximum of four non-Associate guests to learn about:

  • The Isagenix Opportunity
  • How to use the IsaBody Challenge® as a business building tool
  • What the START group is and how you can become a part of it
  • How the Isagenix lifestyle can impact your life
  • How to set solid foundations for your new team Associates
  • Tools and training that you can duplicate

We have your personal invitations ready to go!

We’ve taken out the hard work and designed a fresh snazzy invitation for you to use! You can download the official Breakthrough Editable Invite and fill out for each person you’d like to invite to the Breakthrough Tour. Simply attach to an email and forward it to each person you’d like to share an opportunity to learn more about Isagenix with.

Remember to personalise for each individual – so if they’re interested in building muscle mass, highlight that; or if they’re interested in budging that winter bulge, let them know you’ve got something they might be interested in. There are so many reasons!

For example:

breakthough invite-213x300Hi Anna

I hope you are well! I know that you were saying you were lacking energy and wanted to get healthier.

Guess what? I have an event I will be attending and think it would be perfect for you to come.

It’s on Monday 2 November in Perth at the Riverside Theatre , Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. I would love to have you there! I’ll call you on Tuesday to follow up.

Have a great day!

Get your tickets today!

Tickets will be $25 per person and must be purchased by an Associate, with a minimum of 2 tickets and maximum of 5 tickets. Head to your Back Office now as these tickets will sell quickly!

For full event details, head to Isagenix ANZ Events