Have you been holding out to hear details of this year’s Leadership Meeting at #Celebration2016? The wait is over and we have some exciting news! National Celebration 2016 is the place to get the very best business training from the most experienced leaders.

To kick-start your Celebration journey, the Leadership Meeting will be taking place on Thursday 31 March. Jim, Kathy and Erik Coover as well as Peta Kelly, Lisa DeMayo and Susan Sly will all be attending and talking about the best techniques to become professional leaders and ‘breakthrough’ to the next level.

Keen to participate? The Leadership Meeting is split into two sessions and you need to meet the qualification requirements in order to attend.

10:00am – 12:00pm: 5 Star Executive and above Session

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Break

1:00pm – 4:00pm: Managers and above Session

So are you ready to be inspired and step up as a leader?

We have great news for those who have already purchased their Celebration ticket and qualify for the Leadership Meeting – a ticket will automatically be allocated to your account!

AS OF TODAY: If you meet the criteria and would like to attend, you will simply need to head to your Back Office and select a Leadership Meeting ticket for your account.

If you would like a Leadership Meeting ticket you are required to have an allocated Celebration ticket in your name. If you are yet to purchase a Celebration ticket be sure to head to your Back Office and purchase your ticket while they’re still available! Tickets are selling fast- you won’t want to miss out!

Alternatively if you have already purchased tickets, please make sure you assign these to the correct owner before Leadership Meeting ticket allocation closes. These tickets are flying out the door for this amazing event so be sure to get yours while they last!

Have a joint Recognition account? If both names have allocated Celebration tickets, you can add an additional Leadership Meeting ticket.

This valuable meeting is included in the cost of your Celebration ticket.

Check out the Celebration Microsite for more details on this year’s biggest event to date and join our Isagenix ANZ Events Facebook group for the latest information!