The Sunday of Celebration ‘Breakthrough’ 2016 was an incredibly special way to end the weekend! The crowd were touched by Make-A-Wish® child Meggan’s story and inspired by Isagenix Ambassador for Make-A-Wish, Isagenix Millionaire Suzanne Skillen.

The Spirit of Isagenix Couple Award was presented while more recognition took place as we witnessed the 100 and 200 Pound Club members explain how they’ve found their ‘why’ and are living ideal lives.

More exciting details followed with the 90-Day Game Plan revisiting topics that will help Associates grow their teams and achieve that desired successful time management.

Another exciting launch happened too- you’ve been asking and we’ve being listening! Check out all the exciting updates regarding the new IsaTools To Go app and the ANZ Tools website. These are going to be your new favourite business building implements and we are so excited for you to get stuck in and use them! Check out the launch details here.

Breakthrough Fitness proved popular in the EQ and everyone gathered to watch all the fun and cheering behind the final play-offs of the competition. The EQ was pumping!

With Cumulative Income recognition and the Round 3 IsaBody Challenge® finalists and Grand Prize Winner announced, Celebration attendees will agree that this was a very inspirational morning, seeing the success and transformations.

Are you keen to take part in the IsaBody Challenge? Register now and see how you can achieve life long goals as you Start.Complete.Repeat your healthy lifestyle choices.

As we began to wrap up the day and come to the end of the event, Susan Sly came to the stage one last time sharing that, “When we combine faith and sweat equity, the universe responds.” Her phenomenal training has inspired us all.

We want to thank everyone who attended Celebration and made this one of our best Celebrations ever!

We’ll be recapping some of the highlights and awards over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

See you all at Summer Kick off!