Are you ready to fast-track your business? Summer Kick Off is right around the corner and we’re gearing up for a jam-packed event! Come together as One Team to gain product knowledge, witness amazing product launches, enhance your Leadership skills and attend an unforgettable party. While party tickets are now officially SOLD OUT, General Session tickets are still available but be quick as they’re set to sell out soon!

Want to know what you’re in for at Summer Kick Off? Here’s a sneak peak of our incredible keynote speakers…

Emily and Hayden V.
11 Star Platinum, 13 Star Crystal ExecutiveRECOGNITION_Preferred_EmilyHaydenVavra

Emily launched her Isagenix® business at the age of 23 with Hayden joining the business about a year later. Over the past 6 years, Emily and Hayden have helped over 60,000 people achieve physical transformations and improved health. They are Ambassadors for the START community and are on a mission to help people cast a vision for their lives and create a game plan to assist others in achieving those goals.

Samantha G.
10-Star Platinum, 11-Star Crystal Executive150px Samantha Gascoigne

Health and nutrition has always been the centre of Samantha’s life, having been a gym owner and fitness professional for over 10 years. Samantha was introduced to Isagenix after seeing friends achieve incredible results with use of Isagenix products and systems. Samantha began building her business 3 years ago and, as a result of her success, was soon able to retire from the fitness industry and focus on helping others achieve their “why.”

Nicole R.
3 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive150px-Nicole-Robertson

Nicole came into Isagenix 2 years ago after spending the majority of her working life as a Business Consultant with the National College of Business. In that time, Nicole was responsible for assisting over 3,000 business owners and their team in identifying challenges to their business and presenting solutions.

Rachael F. & Greg M.
5 Star Golden Circle, 3 Star Crystal Executive150px Rachael Fowler & Greg Mcconnell

Rachael came to Isagenix after spending 15 years in the corporate world. She had retrained as a Personal Trainer to follow her passion in health and fitness and helping others achieve their goals. Rachael admits to being a skeptic upon introduction to Isagenix, however, after receiving amazing results, Rachael decided to attend Celebration in 2015. Celebration was a game-changer for her and she began to see how she could help mums like herself achieve financial freedom through Isagenix. Rachael utilised Isagenix tools such as the 90-Day Game Plan to help fuel her success and 18 months later, she has earned a winning spot on IsaDerby Hawaii, IsaDerby Mexico and the Welcome Home Challenge.

Greg was a professional golfer for 15 years, however after suffering a leg injury, Greg turned to helping others by becoming a golf coach. Greg has been successful as a golf coach for the past 10 years and, before finding Isagenix, was often booked out 6 days a week. Greg realised his busy schedule meant missing out on witnessing milestones in his children’s lives. Isagenix has allowed Greg to still pursue his passion for golf coaching while having the ability to spend the rest of his time working from home, allowing him precious time with his children.

Sara Richter
Isagenix Product Education SupervisorRichterSaraHeadshot1

Sara has worked for Isagenix for over five years in the role of Product Education Supervisor. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition communication and a Master’s degree in nutrition education. Sara plays a key role in supporting and maintaining the educational website, Isagenixhealth.net, as well as coming up with new and informative ways to educate Isagenix product users.

Keen to volunteer? Join our Green Army!
Have you volunteered at an Isagenix corporate event before? If you have, you’ll know how much fun they are – an opportunity to plug in, connect, get a back-stage look and receive a range of Isagenix goodies – If you haven’t, we’d love to have you and if you have well then you know you’re keen to experience all the fun, laughter and learning again!

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