Kiwi Associate Chris Wild has been getting around the New Zealand media scene as of late, and for good reason. The father of two has dropped an incredible 80 kg with Isagenix®!

An unbelievable gaming addiction coupled with unhealthy food habits saw his weight reach 177 kg.

“Every day I’d get home from work at 5pm and cook the family dinner, because that was my one chore,” Chris says. “Then I’d jump on Xbox until I went to bed at 2am.”

Completely consumed in the gaming world, Chris recalls daydreaming about his games while at work and watched YouTube videos of his games in his pockets of time. While he dedicated hours each day immersing himself in the online world, he struggled to commit to his health and social life.

“My friend Mike would always invite me to work out together or to barbecues with friends and I always said yes but then never showed up,” he recalls.

Spending a day at the park with his little girl proved to be a breakthrough moment for Chris. While his daughter called for him to join her on the playground, Chris was completely zoned out on his phone talking to his online friends.

With another daughter on the way, he realised he couldn’t continue to live like that. So he drew a line in the sand. His girl – and future baby – became his ‘why’ and driving force to be different.

“Now I spend quite a bit of time at the gym and I’m more active with my kids,” he says. “Instead of waiting for my wife to decide if we’re doing something, I’m often the one saying, ‘we should go do this’.”

For Chris, having a ‘water baby’ daughter used to be a nightmare. Since his transformation, he walks with his head held high as he feels “as ripped as Zac Efron”.

Rather than sitting in front of the TV with headphones on, the reinvigorated father now runs up the stairs for story time and helps with the bedtime and bath routine. Being a proactive father is definitely a change welcomed by his wife, Kylie.

After struggling to find suitable health program – coupled with a reluctance for shake-based nutrition – Chris joined Isagenix with the expectation of using his money-back guarantee in his first 30 days. Now, ten months into his weight loss journey – and starting his third IsaBody Challenge® – he is as motivated as ever to help others like himself achieve their own health goals.

“My friend is helping me work on a video about my journey that I can share with the IsaBody community,” he says. “I’m also doing some online coaching with people who want to become correctional officers like me who failed the fitness component.”