The deadline for Crystal Director Reset is next week, Thursday 16 April! This is your chance to cash in on $750 in extra bonus money!

crystalReset-IsaFYI-600x400With this year’s goal to achieve a Billion & Beyond, there are even more opportunities to earn bonuses for you and your team.

For Associates who weren’t able to complete You+Two, Them+2 three times within 90 days of enrolment, you and your team members have a second chance to achieve the Crystal Director rank—and the additional opportunity to earn the $750 Crystal Director bonus!

Here are a few quick facts to keep in mind as you progress through the next week – there’s still plenty of time:

  • Team members in the Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and Puerto Rico can participate
  • To achieve Crystal Director you must have six active personally enrolled Consultants during the Crystal Director reset time frame (12 January – 16 April, 2015)
  • Follow the You+Two, Them+2 formula in your 90-Day Game Plan to help streamline your success
  • Those who achieve Crystal Director will receive a $750 bonus, a Crystal Director pin, and a certificate
  • All Crystal reset bonuses will be paid out two weeks in arrears

And there’s always a question or two about the finer points, so here’s some answers to your frequently asked questions:

  • If one of your Personally Enrolled Consultants fell out of Consultant status, but during the Crystal reset returns to a Paid-As Consultant, they will count toward the Crystal Director reset promotion as long as they’re an active Paid-As Consultant.
  • You must be an Active Autoship Associate to earn all Rank Advancement Bonuses (RABs).
  • Autoship Associates who have achieved Crystal Director, Director or higher are not eligible for the Crystal Reset promotion.
  • The reset will end at 11:59 US EST on Thursday 16 April, 2015.

To achieve your Crystal goals with ease, and for more answers to frequently asked questions, refer to our Crystal Reset flyer!