Money 8055709 MedWe’re doubling the fun here at Isagenix® with the Double Product Introductory Bonus (PIB) promotion! This is a great incentive to drive your business and fuel your future success.

If you’re ready to earn some extra cash, the Double PIB promotion can get you there! Find out how you can use this fantastic promotion to double your money.

So what is a PIB and how do Double PIBs work?

A PIB is a Product Introductory Bonus that you receive when you enrol someone with a qualifying Pak or Program. When you enrol two people or more during the same commission week** with a qualifying Pak or Program* (and on Autoship), Isagenix will double the PIB!

Remember, you need to be an Active Associate on Autoship to qualify for this promotion.

You’ll earn Double PIBs on every Associate that enrols on Autoship with a qualifying Pak or Program that week. There’s no limit to the number of new Associates you can enrol so your earning potential is LIMITLESS!

*Qualifying Paks and Programs

With 10 qualifying Paks and Programs to choose from, you’re sure to double your PIBs!

Check the flyers below to find out the qualifying paks and programs for Australia or New Zealand.

  • Australian Double PIBs flyer
  • New Zealand Double PIBs flyer

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** Each commission week runs from 12:00am EST (New York time) Monday to the following Sunday night at 11:59pm EST (New York time). Commissions are paid each week, one week in arrears.