IsaUni 2013Exciting news! We’re bringing a sampling of IsaU direct from the US to you for FREE via live video streaming on Sunday 10 February, 2013!

Join Network Marketing Veteran and 3-Star Silver Circle Michael Clouse and 7-Star Golden Circle and 10-Star Crystal Executive Lisa DeMayo as they teach you how to take your business to the next level with topics focusing on key concepts such as connecting with others and how to get your team members paid right away.

With this new live video streaming feature, you’ll get a taste of what an IsaU event is all about and gain helpful tips right from the comfort of your own home.

To tune in to IsaU Boston from your computer, go to your Back Office and click on the “View & Manage Events” button, then scroll down until you see “Live Streaming Events” before selecting the “Click here to access the live video stream” link to watch.

Michael ClouseConnecting
Sunday, February 10 at 1:05 am (AEDT)
Do you want to know why it’s important to connect with others or even how to ask the right questions? Join expert trainer Michael Clouse as he teaches you his tips for successfully connecting with prospects and gives examples of powerful opening lines.

Lisa DeMayo-low resGet Your People Paid
Sunday, February 10 at 3:20 am (AEDT)
If you’re ready to make more money, listen in as Lisa DeMayo shares tips and strategies on how to increase your salary and maximise our generous compensation plan using the ‘You + Two and Them+ 2’ formula for success.

Plus, a special back-to-back, one-time-only replay will happen on Sunday, February 10 at 5am (AEDT) for those Associates who don’t catch the live streaming.