Isagenix® holds many events throughout the year. From the fabulous Celebration where you gain an insight into anything and everything regarding Isagenix culture, to Summer Kick Off where you’ll kick-start your business for a summer season boost to get everyone on board and join your team. Whether it’s University in Action or IsaU you’re planning to attend, don’t forget to invite your team members along as there is something to learn for everyone.

So what can you gain from attending Isagenix Corporate Events?

• Business Development. Training with some of the world’s renowned top leaders in Isagenix business – prepare to engage in the best business building skills available. Celebration ‘Breakthrough’ March 2016 wowed its crowd with the likes of Isagenix Millionaires Susan Sly and Lisa DeMayo. If you missed out this year, you won’t want to miss out in 2017!

• Expand Product Knowledge. All ANZ events help expand knowledge on the use of current products. General Sessions allows you to gain a tremendous understanding of how and why our no-compromise Isagenix systems provide the best possible results. Got a question about Cleansing or a particular product ingredient? You can get all the answers at Isagenix Corporate Events.

•  Make Connections. Attending Isagenix Corporate Events are the best way to build a network of connections with like-minded business building enthusiasts. Whether you make a friend for life, find a training partner or enroll a visionary onto your team – there’s always potential to grow from meeting new people!

• Engage in Personal Development. While UIA focuses deeply on the fundamental factors of choice making and belief building which specifically develops and strengthens the personal aspects of your life – each event hosted by Isagenix ANZ creates a fun, energetic factor which allows you to open your mind and leave with confidence. Need a boost a self-growth boost? We bring you the likes of Isagenix Strategic Training Consultant, David T.S. Wood – so prepare to unleash your potential when attending UIA!

• Have Fun. Especially at Isagenix, we value your time and money. So we ensure that each and every single event is jam packed with fun and laughter as well as learning! If you’re a new member of the START movement – you’ll love the annual START Vision Tour where young futurists join one another to lift each other higher. Or maybe you want to get dressed up and dance the night away with your team members? Many Isagenix Events include a variety of parties including fancy dress, red carpet and much more to enjoy. We’re excited to be hosting an incredible party lined up for this year’s Summer Kick Off. Stay tuned for more incredible details coming soon!

• Be Recognised For Your Success. At Isagenix, we are passionate about recognising people for their mind blowing achievements. From weight loss accomplishments to business building success, whatever you’re proud of – we’re proud of too. So get on board and buy your tickets because you could be hitting the stage to tell us about your incredible Isagenix journey.

Want to get involved in volunteering at IsaU Auckland? You could be taking part in an amazing experience and embracing Isagenix culture! Click here to apply for a position and receive a handful of goodies for giving up your time for us.

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