Going Crystal is the key!

Banking a rebate on your product and reaping extra rewards couldn’t be easier! By simply sticking with your monthly Autoship and helping others join Isagenix, you’ll be on your way to earning incredible Rank Advancement Bonuses worth $50, $100, even $1,500.

You’ve heard the adage “shoot for the moon and at the very least you’ll land among the stars?” Imagine landing in $1,050 in bonuses within your first six months—that doesn’t even include your commissions!

So what’s the key to earning the rebate if you’re just starting out? Aim for Crystal Executive!

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Fill in the Crystal Executive Plan (page 3) with 10 people who you think would achieve great results with Isagenix and want to earn extra cash. Be sure to set the date for when you plan to achieve it within the next six months.

Step 2: Start Them Off Right. Create a quality enrolment by helping those 10 key people join Isagenix on Autoship with a 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program so they can start their journey to their best health.

Step 3: Talk Rebates. Explain how your new members can get a rebate on their products by simply helping other people join on Autoship with the same systems! (They’ll get $25 back immediately for helping a new member order a 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program! Plus, that will DOUBLE if they help two new people join Isagenix on Autoship with a qualifying pak or program in the same week thanks to our limited-time Double PIB incentive.)

Step 4: Get them Started on the Road to Crystal. Ask them if they can think of 2, 4 or even 10 people that would love Isagenix and have them jot down the names. They’ll earn $50 for the first two people who follow the same enrolment process (Autoship and a key program), which will make them a Consultant, and then $100 each time they help new members become Consultants.

Step 5: Stay Laser-Focused on Your Goal Date. Having a deadline creates urgency and helps you strive toward your goal. Don’t push your date to the side! Stay persistent and go after this exciting recognition and incredible bonus!

Here’s the Rank Advancement Bonus flyer with all the details.