Transitioning from the world of elite sport to normality is difficult for most athletes, and Michelle is no different. The former New Zealand speed skating representative, national league basketballer and volleyballer has struggled for reasons to keep up her training.

“It’s taken a while for me to get back that reason for training, but now my reasons are to stay fit for my kids, for my family and to be able to join in a sport with my friends occasionally.”

Continuing to be involved with sport, albeit at a more social level, has been tricky to manage with kids and two decades of competition on her resume.

“Three years ago, my knee kind of gave up the fight,” she says. “I couldn’t run or jump on it because there’s no cartilage left, so I thought my days of sport were done.”

She stuck with her rehab and Isagenix system and has returned to the volleyball court. However, for reasons other than sport, the mother of two lost track of her health and has turned to the IsaBody Challenge® to get back on track.

“When I do focus on the IsaBody Challenge it that really helps my competitive nature,” she says. “Now I have a small accountability team with other mums, and it’s been amazing.”

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