It’s official, Isagenix® ANZ has conquered the world! Australian IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner Thomas Philbin-Malucelli has been crowned the first-ever IsaBody Challenge Global Grand Prize Winner worth US$50,000.

With such an incredible transformation and Isagenix journey, it might not have been a surprise for us, but it most certainly was for Thomas. Up against a strong field of competitors from around the world, including New Zealand’s Ruka Te Moana, the inspirational 32-year-old paid tribute to his fellow champions.

“First of all, thank you to all these amazing people on stage with me,” says Thomas. “I’ve got to know them so well over the last couple of days and everybody is just such an inspiration. I don’t know how the judges picked a winner.”

For Thomas, the IsaBody Challenge was the catalyst for his healthy change, and he plans to do everything he can to share that gift with the community.

“For me, the IsaBody Challenge gave me a place I can call home,” he says. “It gave me true safety to be raw and vulnerable, freedom to become the person my soul was screaming for me to be.”

But most of all it gave Thomas the community he needed to fulfil his fitness potential.

“Even though I may have felt by myself in my IsaBody Challenge, I was surrounded by an army of people who motivated and inspired me,” says Thomas. “Now my mission is to pay that forward to people and be a true light for anyone that needs it.”