isaDerby-101-IsaFYI-510x510-150x150Hot on the heels of announcing IsaDerby Hawaii, here’s some tips to get you and your team a place on this life-changing trip!

Gather your team, register your place in the race on your Back Office and start earning your points!

What is IsaDerby?

IsaDerby is a fun competition where a team of up to six Isagenix® Associates earn points for business building activities all with the goal of winning a fantastic holiday to enjoy with their team. Watch your business grow as you race to the finish line!

What could you win?

Each IsaDerby trip has been unique but one thing you can always count on is having a lot of fun. Past trips have taken our winning Associates to beautiful tropical destinations like Cambodia, Bali and Thailand!

Now is your chance to win your spot in IsaDerby Hawaii where you will enjoy an unforgettable experience in the sun, sand and surf while learning the best strategies in business training and taking part in sensational team-building activities! With exciting new stakes such as the Individual Pamper Pass and Team Indulgence Package, will you be one of our top 12 teams to enjoy this luxury escape to our next IsaDerby destination in Hawaii?

Plus, whether you win a trip or not, everyone wins by growing their Isagenix businesses. The activities that earn you points in an IsaDerby are the same activities you need to be doing consistently to build a strong, stable business. It’s a great way to get into action and build habits that will set you up for long-term success.

300x150px hawaii isaderbyHow it works

Building a team for IsaDerby Hawaii

Have you started building your team? Here are important steps to get you started:

  • Your team is made up of up to six Associates from Australia and New Zealand
  • Choose a team leader who has a recognition rank of Consultant or higher
  • Of the six team members, only one member can have a recognition rank of Director or above IsaDerby is about encouraging fair competition and rewarding business builders from all levels who spring into action; this rule helps maintain a level playing field
  • Associates can only hold one position on a team, regardless of how many business centres they currently have

Check the specific rules for IsaDerby Hawaii for more guidelines.

Time frame and getting registered

Every IsaDerby has its own time frame, so be sure to pay attention to the start and end date when the next IsaDerby is announced. The most important time frame to pay attention to is the registration period. Once that date has passed, the contest is locked and no more teams or participants will be allowed to register or participate.

IsaDerby Hawaii Registration: Monday 31 August, 2015 at 12:00am (US EST) to Sunday 4 October, 2015 at 11:59pm (US EST).

Once you’ve formed your team and selected a team name, the team leader should register the entire team by collecting the Associate member ID numbers of each team member and logging in to your Associate Back Office. Upon logging in, the team leader should click the ‘Contests & Promotions’ tab and choose ‘IsaDerby’. From there, they can input their team’s information. It’s that easy!

Earning Points

Every IsaDerby’s point-earning structure is a little different, but you earn points for basic business building activities like helping new members get started with Isagenix, helping your team members earn rank advancements and more. Check the IsaDerby Hawaii flyer for information on how to earn your points.

Staying up to date

To stay up to date on the latest IsaDerby news, including contest dates and important deadlines and to check team standings during an IsaDerby Hawaii, visit the IsaDerby tab on ANZ.IsaFYI.

Listen to the IsaDerby Launch Call and stay tuned for more inspiration on the exciting race to IsaDerby Hawaii!