IsaDerbyLogo-360x200pxHow are you tracking on your race to IsaDerby San Diego? We have just under four weeks left in the race, but it’s still a long way to the finish line!

To add some fuel to your fire, we’re excited to announce that in addition to taking the Top 14 IsaDerby teams on an extraordinary trip to 2015 Celebration in San Diego (via Disneyland!), we’re adding 10 Individual Wildcards and 10 Indulgence Passes to the prize pool!

IsaDerby points accumulation will end Sunday 31 May. Check out the updated flyer with everything you need to know! Here’s a breakdown of what the announcement means for you:

Individual Wildcards

This is your second chance draw! If your team is not one of the Top 14 winning IsaDerby San Diego teams, you can still be in the running for the Grand Prize. We are taking the Top 10 individual points earners from any team outside the Top 14 winning teams to San Diego and Disneyland! So even if your team is not on the leader board, the competition is far from over.

Indulgence Passes

We are taking the Top 10 individual points earners from the Top 14 winning IsaDerby San Diego teams two days earlier to Los Angeles! Think luxury, think style, think 5-star treatment! That’s all we can reveal for now, but we can promise you that you’re in for a treat!

To be in the running you need to:

  • Be registered in an IsaDerby San Diego Team
  • Be on Autoship
  • Earn a minimum 120 individual points
  • Earn a minimum 30% of your points from rank advancements

Click here for this week’s leaders board and conference call update!