The Executive Leadership Bonus Pool is rewarding Associates more than ever before! Take a look at our January winners and what they had to say about pocketing the extra cash…

“What a shock, I nearly fell of my chair! I was so surprised when I heard the news. This extra money well help my family so much, especially when I’ve just retired my husband from full time work. My dreams are now becoming a reality with Isagenix
.”- Kylie Donaldson – 1 Star Executive, 4 Star Golden Circle


W180px-Nat-&-Sarahe have watched our graceful leaders participate in the Bonus Pool, so we followed the leaders and set our focus.  Abiding by good follow-ship is our way of being better leaders! The increased freedom that the Bonus Pool delivers in our lives is just another reminder of the amazing company we’re so excited to represent.” –Sarah Maxwell & Natalie Cook – 2 Star Crystal Executive, 4 Star Golden Circle

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