1200 celeb Kyle & Megan

All the way from Nanaimo, Canada, meet the power couple- Kyle and Megan Nekrash! These two have truly raised the bar in Isagenix® business! Kyle, 2014 Isagenix Man of The Year, achieved the Millionaire Status three years ago with his incredible wife and business partner, Megan.

Their two wonderful children, impressive Isagenix business and Clinical Practice are just a few of their greatest accomplishments in life. It doesn’t stop there either- Kyle received Rising Star Award 2010, Personal Excellence Award 2011 and Shooting Star Award 2013!

Attend Isagenix Millionaires Kyle and Megan Nekrash’s ‘Breakout Class’ to explore The Optimal Isagenix Experience and embrace the possibilities of:

  • What if everyone that YOU signed up Isagenix ‘stuck’ and forever continued to use the products?
  • What if YOU could help more people earn an income?
  • What would YOUR business look like, if more of your team members attended events?

We can’t wait to see you there!