720-SMS-info-on-the-goWe know how handy mobile phones can be for building your business and keeping up to date with the latest Isagenix® news, so we’ve added an SMS text message alert service to your Back Office.

It’s simple to opt in! You’ll receive messages about marketing promotions, your personal activity, your downline’s activity and other important information we need to share with you!

Please take a minute right now to go to your Back Office, register your mobile number and spread the message to your team!

Follow these simple steps!

1. Simply visit the ‘My Account’ section of your Back Office (top right-hand side)

My Account Back Office2

2. Select ‘Edit’ next to ‘Telephone Numbers’ (left-hand side of ‘My Account’ page)

My Account Telephone Back Office 2

3. Select one or more of the message types below:

    • Marketing (new products, promotions, events you are registered for)
    • Personal (your own activity or information we need to share regarding your account)
    • Downline (activity about your downline)

My Account SMS Back Office 2

Don’t worry, if you decide later that you’d rather not receive the messages any longer, you can easily ‘opt out’ by deselecting the same box/es. (Standard text messaging charges may apply if applicable with your phone/carrier plan.)

Reminder! Are your details up to date?

While you’re still in ‘My Account’, take some time to check all your other details. It’s a great opportunity for you to make sure that all your contact and address information is up to date!

While you’re at it – have you registered for IsaInsights? We’d love to hear your feedback – join today! Click here for more information.