Jackson-Parr-2You could call Jackson Parr a sceptic at first. Reluctant to try the products and hesitant about joining another conventional Network Marketing Company.

A recent uni graduate, living with his Mum, Jackson worked as a personal trainer at a cross-fit gym, in search of a fulltime job and lifestyle solution.

Following up on his promise made with a fellow colleague, Jackson begrudgingly went along to  a Isagenix presentation and left with the peace of mind that his money would be refunded in 30 days.

Ordering his first President’s Pak, Jackson saw a real business opportunity that had him achieve Crystal manager status and $1300 in one week – even before his products had arrived!

Building on his belief through events such as University in Action last October and Celebration this year, Jackson knew he was on to a winner!

Showing others how to get their products paid for and leaning on the 30-Day money back guarantee enabled Jackson to sign-up 5 Consultants in one day!

What’s his secret?

Personally-enrolling 5 Consultants in one day comes down to “patience and persistence” says Jackson.

“The truth is, some of those people I had been talking to for 5 months, plugging them into events and staying in touch until they were ready.”

“I’m really passionate about the products, I can see my clients getting incredible results in just 30 Days that would have taken me 6+ months in the gym”.

It’s only UP from here…

After spending time with IsaMilionaire Irene Miller and getting clear on his ‘why’, Jackson says “the products and people just make sense”!

Jackson has set his sights on  San Diego as his IsaDerby  team (Executive Impact) currently sits in second place. Also in the pipeline, a trip to St Thomas in the START IsaDerby competition may not be too far away.

Celebrating 1 Star Crystal Executive, 4 Star Golden Circle this week, Jackson is definitely on Parr to achieve many more incredible Isagenix milestones!