How can I share my weight loss results? Why should I lead with the products? How can I tell people about the earning potential with Isagenix®? How do I help my team to be compliant?

Tune into the next Platinum Call on Monday 19 October at 8:00pm AEDT (Sydney time) to find out why Compliance is important to you and how you can integrate some simple tricks to ensure sustainability and success in your Isagenix business!


Carmen Rumsey, Isagenix Millionaire, 9 Star Platinum, 5 Star Executive will be joined by special guest Josh Reilly, Senior Staff Attorney from our Legal Team in Chandler, Arizona, US to answer these common questions and more!

Josh Reilly 151015 Platinum Call 150xFrom his 7 years at Isagenix US Corporate, Josh brings a wealth of knowledge about compliant business practices.

In the meantime, check out the new Global Compliance video: Share Isagenix the Right Way and find out more here!

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