Platinum Calls return 22 August

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We know how much you love the weekly Platinum Calls! As many of our corporate staff and top leaders are currently attending US Celebration, Isagenix® ANZ will not be having a Platinum Call during this period. Don’t worry though, they’ll return on 22 August where you can soak up all the insights and valuable knowledge that our Platinums have to offer!

Platinum Call: Build unshakeable belief and keep unbreakable focus

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What does ‘belief’ mean to you? How do you maintain your focus on achieving your goals while dealing with daily distractions? Why are belief and focus important to building your Isagenix® business? Paul McAneny and Suzanne Skillen, Isagenix Millionaire, 9 Star Platinum, 4 Star Executive, are here to answer these questions and more on the next Platinum Call.

Platinum Call: Tips from Isagenix Corporate Attorney on how to share Isagenix!

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How can I share my weight loss results? Why should I lead with the products? How can I tell people about the earning potential with Isagenix®? How do I help my team to be compliant? Tune into the next Platinum Call on Monday 19 October at 8:00pm AEDT (Sydney time) to find out why Compliance is important to you and how you can integrate some simple tricks to ensure sustainability and success in your Isagenix business!
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