Just announced at US 2016 New Year Kick Off, get an extra 30 days to reach Crystal Manager and Crystal Director, permanently! The Crystal Manager time frame is now 60 days from join date and the Crystal Director time frame is now 120 days from join date. Plus, we’ve added an additional US$500 in bonuses for achieving 5 cycles in one commission week (while maintaining the rank of Paid-As Consultant or higher) and you can even earn your 1 Star, 2 Star, and 3 Star bonuses sooner!

Why Add More Time?

We have added an additional 30 days for new Associates to achieve the US$250 Crystal Manager bonus and the US$750 Crystal Director bonus. These extended timelines allow new members time to fully experience our products, start seeing results and create confidence in the products and company before they begin sharing Isagenix with others.

New Cycle Bonus Details

With the addition of the new 5-Cycle Bonus, you might be wondering how our cycle bonuses (which also include the 1 Star, 2 Star and 3 Star bonuses) work.

Each bonus is broken into two payments. You can earn a total of US$500 with the 5-Cycle Bonus. You earn the first US$250 the first time you achieve BOTH Paid-As Consultant AND earn 5 cycles in a commission week.

Capture RAB

Get full details, including FAQ, on our Rank Advancement Bonuses.